One Piece Chapter 1094: Release Date & Predictions Leaked?


PROGRES.ID – The manga is currently showcasing the battle between Luffy and Kizaru. Here’s the release date and possible leaks for One Piece chapter 1094.

As the Egghead arc in One Piece approaches its conclusion, the battle between Luffy and Kizaru is heating up. The island is now under siege, and the situation is more chaotic than ever. The Straw Hat crew plans to drive out the Marines before escaping to Elbaf.
However, Kizaru’s appearance foils their plans because Luffy has no choice but to fight against an Admiral of the Marines. Despite Luffy’s growth over the years, defeating a Marine Admiral is still not an easy task.

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The series also features Zoro vs. Lucci, as the latter reneges on his words. The next chapter will be even more surprising as many questions about Kuma remain unanswered. Let’s look at the release date and key leaks for One Piece chapter 1094.

Release Date and Time for One Piece Chapter 1094
One Piece chapter 1094 is estimated to be released on October 8, 2023. The chapter will be available in various time zones shortly after its release in Japan. You can find the time zones below:

  • 10:00 PM Western Indonesia Time
  • 8:00 AM Pacific Time
  • 11:00 AM Eastern Time
  • 4:00 PM British Time
  • 5:00 PM European Time
  • 8:30 PM Indian Time
  • 11:00 PM Philippine Time

Speculation on One Piece Chapter 1094: What to Expect

The latest chapter ended with Atlas changing the orders for the Pacifistas. He ordered them to destroy any remaining Marines on the island. Dexerto speculates that this isn’t favorable from Saturnus in the last panel. As a member of the Gorosei, he always receives updates on the situation from Mary Geoise.

In One Piece chapter 1094, we’re likely to see more of Luffy vs. Kizaru. This young Yonko can hold his own against a Marine veteran, indicating that this battle won’t end so easily. Following in his captain’s footsteps, Zoro hasn’t shown signs of losing to Lucci.

Additionally, the series has recently been too focused on Kuma/Pacifista. Given how frequently he has appeared, we may learn more about his origins and past. Pacifistas are designed to obey the Marines’ orders, but the desperate situation forced Vegapunk and Atlas to change the instructions.

Therefore, it’s likely that we’ll see the Pacifistas working alongside the Straw Hat crew and Vegapunk in the upcoming chapter. Furthermore, the latest chapter indicated that the situation on Egghead Island is about to change. For now, it may look dire, but the Straw Hat crew will soon overcome it.

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