One Piece Episode 1074 Should Have Aired This Week, But It’s Delayed, Here’s Why

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PROGRES.ID – Regarding the broadcast of One Piece anime episode 1074, surprising news has emerged that the airing of this episode has been postponed from the originally scheduled date of this week, precisely on August 27, 2023. However, to fill this gap, fans will be treated to a unique and intriguing summary of the One Piece anime story. This summary will be presented from an unusual perspective, that of a pirate named Bartolomeo.

Information gathered from Screenrant reveals that the decision to postpone the airing of episode 1074 was made after careful consideration. The production team wants to ensure that the animation and visual quality of the episode meet the highest standards, especially considering the significance of the ongoing battle between the main character, Luffy, and the powerful antagonist, Kaido.
This epic battle is underway, and through this delay, it is hoped that viewers will get an even more extraordinary watching experience.

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The reason behind this hiatus is also related to the production team’s desire to provide spectacular visual effects and animation in the ongoing battle. The fight between Kaido and Luffy will be the culmination of the current story arc, the Wano Arc.
With this delay, the production team aims to deliver an unforgettable experience to the loyal One Piece fans.

Spoilers for Episode 1074
In the upcoming episode, titled “Believe in Momo – Luffy’s Final Big Move,” crucial moments in the final battle of the Wano Arc will be presented. As can be inferred from the title, the focus will be on Momonosuke, a character who has become the last hope amidst a great threat. The destruction of Onigashima and the lives of many are at stake, and Momonosuke bears a great responsibility to prevent that from happening.

On the other hand, the intense battle between Luffy and Kaido is heating up even more. With the delay that has occurred, it is expected that there will be an added visual and animation touch to the fight. While waiting for the new airing of episode 1074, viewers can enjoy the story summary presented from Bartolomeo’s unique perspective. Furthermore, there is also exciting news about the premiere of the One Piece live-action series on the Netflix platform on August 31, 2023.

One Piece anime episode 1074 with Indonesian translation can be watched on BStation ( on Sunday, September 3, 2023.(koe/ma)

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