How to Claim Google Compensation of IDR 77 Million Per User

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PROGRES.IDGoogle has been found guilty of tracking users in incognito mode. As a result, Google must compensate affected users up to IDR 77 million per individual who feels aggrieved.

If you believe that your browsing activities in incognito mode were tracked and you have been affected, you can file a compensation claim with Google.

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The process of claiming compensation from a company as large as Google might seem complex, but with the right guidance, you can navigate through it smoothly.

Here are detailed steps to file a compensation claim with Google:

1.Identify Issues and Claim Rights

The initial step in the process of filing a compensation claim with Google is to recognize the specific problem you encountered with their product or service.

From technical issues to service flaws, it’s essential to understand and document the impact these problems had on your life.

Furthermore, ensure you have a strong basis for filing a compensation claim, which might require research on consumer rights and company policies.

2.Gather Supporting Evidence

Once the issue is identified, gather all relevant evidence. This evidence could be screenshots, email conversation history with Google support, purchase proofs, or detailed notes on when and how the issue occurred.

These pieces of evidence will form a crucial foundation when presenting your complaint to Google, providing context and concrete proof regarding your claim.

3.Understand Google’s Compensation Policy

Before initiating the claim process, fully understand Google’s policy regarding compensation. Scrutinize their refund policy, warranties, and applied compensations.

This information is usually available on Google’s official website or in legal documents related to the product or service you’ve used.

Understanding this policy will help you formulate your claim argument and have realistic expectations about the process and potential outcomes.

4.Contact Google Customer Support Team

The next step is to contact Google’s customer support team. While communicating with them, articulate your complaint clearly and professionally.

Explain your situation in detail and attach the evidence you’ve gathered. Transparent and direct communication will expedite your claim process.

5.Follow the Specified Claim Process

Google might have specific procedures for handling compensation claims. Ensure you follow each specified step, such as filling out a claim form or providing additional information if requested.

Adhering to these procedures accurately is key to ensuring your claim is processed efficiently.

6.Exercise Patience While Waiting for Response

The claim process takes time. Be patient while waiting for a response from Google and be prepared to follow up if necessary.

This might include periodically checking the status of your claim or responding to additional requests from Google regarding your claim.

7.Consider Legal Alternatives

If your claim is rejected, and you’re confident about having a legitimate right to compensation, consider seeking legal advice.

A lawyer or legal advisor can help evaluate your options and guide you through potential legal steps that might be required.

Google’s Legal Department Address

If all requirements are met, you can submit a written notice of dispute to the other party via certified U.S. Mail or through Federal Express (or international equivalent), or, only if the other party does not provide a current physical address, through electronic mail.

The address for this notice to Google is:

  • Google LLC
  • Legal Department – Hardware Arbitration
  • c/o Corporation Service Company
  • 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 150N
  • Sacramento, CA 95833

The notice should include, if available: (a) the name of the person filing the claim, (b) applicable Google Device type, (c) Google Device serial number, (d) email address used to activate the Google Device, (e) description of the nature and basis of the claim, (f) desired outcome (e.g., monetary amount), and (g) case number provided by Google to track previous dispute resolution efforts, if any.

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Filing a compensation claim with Google requires a thorough understanding of your issue, your claim rights, and the procedures enforced by Google.

With an organized and professional approach, along with patience, you can navigate this process smoothly towards a satisfying resolution.

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