Synopsis of The Brothers Sun: Conflict Between Taipei Gangster Life and Family Adaptation in America

Synopsis of The Brothers Sun/special

PROGRES.ID – ‘The Brothers Sun‘ is an action comedy series airing on Netflix.

The series marks a collaboration between directors Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu, previously successful with ‘Glee’ (2009) and ‘American Horror Story’ (2021).

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Michelle Yeoh will portray Eileen Sun, Justin Chien as Charles Sun, Sam Song Li as Bruce, and Johnny Kou as their father.

Additionally, several other cast members, including Highdee Kuan, Joon Lee, Alice Hewkin, Jon Xue Zhang, and Jenny Yang, add to the ensemble.

With a backdrop of a complex family and conflicts between Taipei’s gangster life and their adaptation in California, ‘The Brothers Sun’ aims to blend action, comedy, and drama.


‘The Brothers Sun’ kicks off with the murder of a Taiwanese mafia boss by unknown assailants. The eldest son, Charles Sun (Justin Chien), heads to Los Angeles to protect his mother and younger sibling.

Bruce Sun, a regular California guy, sees his life suddenly disrupted when his brother pays him a visit.

Their mother, Eileen Sun (Michelle Yeoh), and the youngest, Bruce Sun (Sam Song Li), have no idea that their family’s patriarch and eldest son are significant figures in the world of the mafia.

Amidst the struggle for dominance with the emergence of a new faction in the mafia world, Charlie Sun, along with his mother and sibling, must heal from separation wounds.

They seek the true meaning of family while fending off various enemy attacks.

With 8 episodes, ‘The Brother Sun‘ promises to be an entertaining watch in early 2024. ‘The Brother Sun’ premiered on Netflix on January 4, 2024.”




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