Saranjana City in Kalimantan Takes Center Stage in Film: Here’s the Synopsis of “Saranjana: The Mystical City”

Synopsis of "Saranjana: The Mystical City"/special

PROGRES.ID – This film is a thrilling blend of horror and adventure, promising to take the audience on a suspenseful and mysterious journey.

With a duration of 98 minutes, this film is rated 13+ and distributed by Dhf Entertainment. Produced and directed by Johansyah Jumberan, who also wrote the screenplay, the film assures an intense and suspenseful experience.

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“SARANJANA: THE MYSTICAL CITY” kicks off with a significant Jakarta-based band embarking on a concert tour in Kotabaru, South Kalimantan.

The band is led by Shita (Adinda Azani), a talented and energetic vocalist. However, during the tour, Shita mysteriously disappears.

Her sudden disappearance leaves the other band members anxious and bewildered. In their quest to find Shita, the diverse group of band members starts to search for clues.

As they delve deeper into their investigation, they begin to believe that Shita might be in Saranjana, a city believed by the locals to be a modern and advanced mystical city, where the boundary between the real world and the mystical blurs.

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