Sunk 142 Years Ago, Ship Trinidad Found in Nearly Pristine Condition

PROGRES.ID – A stunning discovery in maritime history has occurred in Lake Michigan, United States. The sailship Trinidad, which sank 142 years ago, has been found nearly intact by historians from Wisconsin, Brendon Baillod and Bob Jaeck.

The sailship Trinidad was discovered at a depth of 270 feet off the coast of Algoma, Wisconsin, a discovery that has astonished the world.
“The wreck of this ship is one of the best-preserved in Wisconsin waters, with its deckhouse still intact, containing crew belongings, anchors, and deck equipment still in place,” they were quoted from The New York Post on Sunday (9/3/2023).

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The ship sank in 1881, but Baillod and Jaeck managed to locate it in July 2023 using modern technology and accurate historical references. Even after more than a century has passed, the condition of the ship is highly impressive. The ship’s wheel remains intact on the seabed, and most of the main structure remains untouched.

This 140-foot tall sailship was once used in the grain trade between Milwaukee, Chicago, and Oswego, New York. Its final journey ended tragically in 1881 when it was carrying coal to Milwaukee and experienced a leak in the Sturgeon Bay Canal.

The ship sank just 10 miles off the coast of Algoma, while the captain and passengers managed to survive. However, the ship was abandoned by its owner, causing its value to decline drastically over the years.

Baillod and Jaeck had been searching for Trinidad for two years, and their success highlights the importance of preserving maritime history. Historians hope to commemorate this site as a National Historic Place. This discovery brings us closer to the long story of the ship Trinidad and reveals the significance of maritime history preservation.

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