Lonely Planet’s Version: These Are the 10 Must-Visit Cities in the World for 2024, Jakarta Among Them


PROGRES.IDLonely Planet, a leading travel magazine from the United States, has awarded recognition to 10 cities worldwide that are deemed a must-visit in the year 2024. One of the cities from Indonesia, Jakarta, has received the “Best Cities to Visit in 2024” accolade.

Jakarta holds the 7th position among the selected 10 cities globally, surpassing Prague, Izmir, and Kansas City.

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“Last year, we won with Raja Ampat as one of the unwind destinations; this year, alhamdulillah, through Jakarta, it becomes the Best Cities to Travel,” said Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno, who personally received the award in Excel, London, England, on Tuesday (7/11/2023), as reported by the official Kemenparekraf.go.id website.

For your information, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is one of the most populous cities globally. Covering an area of approximately 661.52 square kilometers, Jakarta is home to over 10 million residents.

Despite being known as a busy and dynamic metropolitan city, Jakarta also boasts a plethora of unique attractions for tourists to explore. Here are some of them:

Diverse shopping centers
Jakarta is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts. Here, tourists can find a variety of shopping destinations, ranging from traditional markets to luxurious malls.

For affordable shopping, tourists can visit Tanah Abang Market, one of the world’s largest textile markets. Here, they can find a wide range of textile products, from clothing and shoes to bags, at very reasonable prices.

For those interested in luxury shopping, Jakarta also offers many upscale malls, such as Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, and Senayan City. Here, tourists can discover various world-renowned brands, from fashion to electronics.

Culinary delights
Jakarta is also a haven for culinary enthusiasts. Here, tourists can savor a variety of dishes from different regions of Indonesia, as well as international cuisines.

Some famous culinary areas in Jakarta include Blok M, Pecenongan, Pasar Baru, Mangga Dua, and Kelapa Gading. In these areas, tourists can find a plethora of restaurants serving mouth-watering dishes.

Great potential for historical, cultural, and natural tourism
In addition to shopping and culinary experiences, Jakarta also has great potential for historical, cultural, and natural tourism.

For history enthusiasts, Jakarta houses many museums with diverse collections of historical artifacts, such as the National Museum, Fatahillah Museum, and Satria Mandala Museum.

Moreover, Jakarta boasts various historical sites, including Keraton Jakarta, the Presidential Palace, and Istiqlal Mosque.

For those interested in cultural experiences, Jakarta offers a variety of cultural attractions, from traditional art performances to cultural festivals.

Additionally, Jakarta is home to diverse places of worship with unique architecture, such as Istiqlal Mosque, Cathedral Church, and Dharmaloka Vihara.

Nature lovers can explore several fascinating natural attractions in Jakarta, including Thousand Islands National Park, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, and Ragunan Zoo.

“This award is a significant moment for Jakarta to gain a new identity, transitioning from a capital city to a world-class destination that must be visited by travel enthusiasts,” said Sandiaga, who has also served as the Deputy Governor of Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Deputy Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ni Made Ayu Marthini, mentioned that based on statistics from January to June 2023, Jakarta was visited by 798,163 foreign tourists.

“Lonely Planet’s recognition of Jakarta as One of the Best Cities to Visit in 2024, in line with the plans for the relocation of the new capital, shows that Jakarta is increasingly cool as a world-class tourism destination,” she added.

Here is the list of the 10 cities in the world that must be visited in 2024 according to Lonely Planet:

  1. Nairobi – Kenya
  2. Paris – France
  3. Montreal – Canada
  4. Mostar – Bosnia
  5. Philadelphia – USA
  6. Manaus – Brazil
  7. Jakarta – Indonesia
  8. Prague – Czech Republic
  9. Izmir – Turkey
  10. Kansas City – Missouri



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