Lionel Messi’s Victims Increase: Two Messi Assists Breach Cincinnati’s Goal, Inter Miami Grows Stronger

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PROGRES.ID – In the semi-final match of the US Open Cup between FC Cincinnati and Inter Miami on Wednesday (24/8/2023), Inter Miami advanced to the final after defeating Cincinnati with a score of 4-5 in a penalty shootout. In an effort to avoid becoming victims of Lionel Messi’s goals, Cincinnati’s Coach P. Noonan revealed that he had a special strategy to hinder Messi’s movements. However, the strategy proved to be insufficient in facing the brilliance of the Argentinean player.

The first half unfolded, and in the 18th minute, Cincinnati managed to score a goal through a well-utilized pass by A. Boupendza. Luciano Acosta from Cincinnati successfully breached Inter Miami’s goal, changing the score to 1-0 in favor of Cincinnati.

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Entering the second half, Cincinnati once again displayed confidence. In the 53rd minute, a quick goal was created by Brandon Vazquez, who capitalized on a pass from S. Arias. The score changed to 2-0, favoring Cincinnati at the peak of victory.

Inter Miami did not give up easily. Despite being two goals behind, they fought hard to chase the deficit. Their efforts finally paid off in the 68th minute when a header by Leonardo Campana changed the score to 2-1, after capitalizing on a free-kick by Lionel Messi.

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