What Happened on November 23, 2023? Is World War 3 Really Going to Happen?

ilustration of world war 3
Ilustration of World War III (Leonardo.ai)

PROGRES.ID – It all started with posts on TikTok and X social media platforms claiming that on November 23, 2023, World War 3 (WW3) would break out. Is there truth to the prediction of World War 3 happening on November 23, 2023? What happened on November 23, 2023?

In reality, the Artificial Intelligence Assistant (AI) from Amazon, Alexa had previously predicted this claim. The prediction of the outbreak of WW3 was disclosed by Amazon’s AI, Alexa, in a detailed video after being asked when the major war would begin.

“WW3 will commence on November 23, 2023, at 18:05, when Russia launches an attack on Germany,” said Alexa, as quoted by the Daily Star on February 1, 2023.

However, many doubt this information. Steve Rabuchin, Vice President of Amazon Alexa, emphatically stated that Alexa’s responses can be personalized.

“You don’t need experience in building skills or coding to start. My family created our own joke skill in minutes, and interacting with Alexa in a truly new and final way is a lot of fun,” he explained then.

Alexa’s response occurred shortly after the Chairman of the Military Committee of the NATO defense pact, Rob Bauer, affirmed the alliance’s readiness to confront Russia’s confrontation with Ukraine and Europe.

Then, in October 2023, the Hamas-Israel conflict resumed, causing Amazon’s AI expression to once again become widely discussed and shared on social media. Moreover, several countries have already warned Israel to cease its aggression against Gaza to prevent the escalation of the war.

As known, this conflict has already spread to Lebanon, where Hezbollah has attacked Israel through Lebanon.


This mention of November 23, 2023, is only an AI prediction and cannot be held accountable. Nevertheless, current circumstances, such as the Hamas-Israel war, could potentially ignite a wider conflict due to the involvement of many parties, especially the United States.

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