Why Did the Film ‘Smugglers’ Receive Numerous Nominations at the 2023 Blue Dragon Film Awards? Here Are the Facts


PROGRES.ID – ‘Smugglers‘ is an action crime film set in the 1970s in a peaceful seaside village. ‘Smugglers’ tells the story of deep-sea divers who suddenly become involved in a high-risk smuggling scheme.

Smugglers‘ garnered numerous nominations at the 2023 Blue Dragon Film Awards, including Best Screenplay, Best Picture Award, Best Director (Ryu Seung Wan), Best Actress Award (Kim Hye Soo), Best Actress Award (Yeom Jeong Ah), Best Supporting Actor Award (Park Jung Min), Best Supporting Actor Award (Jo In Sung), New Actress Award (Go Min Si), Filming Lighting Award, Music Award, Art Dealer, Editorial, and Technical Award.

Here are some facts about the film ‘Smugglers’ that managed to secure many nominations:

1.Directed by Ryu Seung Wan

The film is directed by Ryu Seung Wan, the director behind hit movies like ‘Escape from Mogadishu,’ ‘The Battleship Island,’ ‘Veteran,’ ‘The Berlin File,’ ‘The Unjust,’ and more. Ryu Seung Wan is also nominated for Best Director.

2.The Second Fastest Film to Reach 1 Million Viewers in Theaters

‘Smugglers’ surpassed 1 million moviegoers in less than four days, making it the second fastest Korean film to achieve this milestone in 2023, following ‘The Roundup: No Way Out’ or ‘The Outlaws 3.’

3.Star-Studded Cast

The film features renowned actors such as Kim Hye Soo, Yum Jung Ah, Jo In Sung, Park Jung Min, Park Jong Soo, and Go Min Si. With this stellar cast, it’s no surprise that the film is highly appealing.

4.Infused with Comedy Elements

Despite being an action crime film, ‘Smugglers’ also incorporates entertaining and fresh comedic elements.

5.Won Awards at the Buil Film Awards

The film managed to win awards in the categories of Best Supporting Actor for Kim Jong Soo and Best Supporting Actress for Go Min Si last October.”


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