Opinions of Filmmakers on Spider-Man: Lotus Release Without Marvel-Sony Pictures’ Permission

Spider-Man: Lotus (Gavin J. Konop)

PROGRES.ID – Spider-Man: Lotus was officially released for free online on YouTube on August 11, 2023. This fan-made film does not aim for profit (non-profit). However, is the film safe from legal action by major Hollywood studios? Here’s what experts and filmmakers from Newsweek have to say.

As known, this adaptation of Spider-Man does not have affiliations with Sony, Disney, or Marvel Studios. These three studios have released films featuring the alter ego Peter Parker over the past decade.
Fan-made films are not a new phenomenon; Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, and Superman all have their own short fan-made films. Spider-Man: Lotus stands out and grabs attention due to its feature-length format. Even in 2021, its trailer alone was viewed by millions.

Since then, the young filmmakers involved in the production of Spider-Man: Lotus have faced controversies, including accusations of past racist messages directed at the lead actor, Warden Wayne, who later publicly apologized.

Writer and director Gavin J. Konop, who was a teenager during production, also addressed his past online behavior and released an apology video.

Stefano Da Frè, a director and producer, shared his views on the legality of fan-made films, indicating that major studios usually choose to overlook them.

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