Opinions of Filmmakers on Spider-Man: Lotus Release Without Marvel-Sony Pictures’ Permission

Spider-Man: Lotus (Gavin J. Konop)

Fan-made films seem to exist in a gray area for studios. Several times in the 21st century, fan-made films have used Fair Use arguments as a defense for their films that are not intended for profit, yet they often need to seek permission from studios and rights holders to get approval.

The fan-made film “The Hunt for Gollum” in 2009 had to obtain permission from Tolkien Enterprises, while Pixar approved a fan-made live-action remake of the short film “Toy Story 3” in 2020.

It’s unknown whether Sony or Marvel Studios granted Konop permission to create Spider-Man: Lotus, but Jon Watts, the director of the Spider-Man trilogy starring Tom Holland, endorsed it by sending a message praising the trailer when it was first released in 2021.

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