Opinions of Filmmakers on Spider-Man: Lotus Release Without Marvel-Sony Pictures’ Permission

Spider-Man: Lotus (Gavin J. Konop)

“Devoted Marvel Cinematic fans over the past two decades have often made fan-based films on YouTube, albeit with much lower quality, making it easy in the past to distinguish between versions from Marvel Studios and fan-made versions,” said Da Frè, who is also the president of Rosso Films International, as quoted from Newsweek.

“However, with the emergence of new technology and the recent news about past prejudiced comments involving the creators of the fan-made Spider-Man: Lotus film, when will studios step in to stop these fan-made films?”

Fan-made films are often funded through crowdfunding and highlighted as non-profit works, which according to Da Frè usually helps keep these films out of legal trouble. However, in his view, this is not a solid defense.

“Because they don’t generate or make money from these fan-made films, studio executives often avoid litigation against these fans. Firstly, this is because Marvel Studios generally argue that it’s not wise to take fans to court, especially since the same fan base tends to be loyal to future film releases. Furthermore, the quality of these films clearly does not meet the acceptable standards for feature film release and distribution by Marvel Studios.”

Da Frè continued, stating that the film Spider-Man: Lotus is indeed in violation, but he awaits the reaction of the studio that holds the license.

“However, what these fans are doing is actually illegal, and if these fan-made films get caught in controversy, especially like Spider-Man: Lotus, you will soon see the studio’s reaction to protect the ‘image’ and ‘integrity’ of the Spider-Man franchise.”

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