Lyrics of the song “Sadar Posisi” by Happy Asmara, which is still trending on YouTube

Cover of Happy Asmara's Song "Sadar Posisi" on YouTube

PROGRES.ID – Since its release on YouTube on July 7, 2023, the song titled ‘Sadar Posisi’ sung by Happy Asmara has suddenly become trending on YouTube. In fact, as of now (August 2023), the song is still on the YouTube trending list.

The song ‘Sadar Posisi’ itself tells the story of someone who is left behind by their lover marrying someone else. Netizens associate this song with Happy Asmara’s own romantic relationship with her ex-boyfriend Denny Caknan.

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This is because the song was released coinciding with the day of Denny Caknan’s wedding with Bell Bonita. That is also suspected to have influenced the song’s trending status.

Here are the lyrics of ‘Sadar Posisi’ and their translation by Happy Asmara:

Wes tak coba nguatke ati

I’ve tried to strengthen my heart

Nompo kasunyatan iki
Accepting this reality

Nadyan perih rasane
Even though it hurts

Aku kudu sadar diri..
I have to realize myself

Mbiyen kowe ninggal lungo

You left without a word

Tanpo pamit karo aku

Without saying goodbye to me

Saiki we teko ning ngarepku
Now you come before me

Mung ngeterke undangan rabimu..
Just to deliver your wedding invitation

Aku kudu sadar posisi

I have to realize my position

Ra bakal biso nduweni
I won’t be able to have you

Mergo kowe sing tak tresno
Because you, who I love

Malah milih wong liyo..
Choose someone else

Mung iso tak pendem ning ati
I can only keep it in my heart

Roso sayang ro tresnoku iki
My feelings of love and this affection

Aku tresno kowe
I love you

Kowe tresno liyane..
But you love someone else

Remuk atiku nompo layang

My heart shatters seeing the invitation

Undangan rabimu
Your wedding invitation

Mbubrahke crito tresno iki
Destroying this love story

Marang sliramu..
Between you and me

Gandeng wes suwe
Holding hands for a long time

Jebul aku dudu jodone
Turns out I’m not meant to be with you

Matursuwun.. Kowe wes tau
Thank you, you’ve known

Gawe kisah ning uripku..
Thank you for being a part of my life.



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