This is the Meaning of the Song “Trauma” Sung by Happy Asmara in the Dangdut Koplo Version


PROGRES.ID – Not long ago, Happy Asmara covered a pop song originally performed by Aan Story feat Elsya, in a dangdut koplo version. The song “Trauma” was composed by Aan Story and Prilly Latuconsina. The dangdut version of the “Trauma” song’s music video was uploaded on the RC Music YouTube channel.

The meaning of the song “Trauma” revolves around a toxic relationship between a couple. The song tells the story of someone who wants to end their relationship with their partner due to experiencing trauma. This trauma arises because their efforts and sacrifices are deemed insignificant and unappreciated. Therefore, the person decides that parting ways is the best option rather than continuing a relationship that will only cause more pain. The moral message of the song is expressed in the last lines, emphasizing that love doesn’t always have to be possessed.

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The song “Trauma” was created by Aan Story in collaboration with Prilly Latuconsina and was originally sung by Aan Story and Elsya. It was released on March 15, 2023, through the Kece TV YouTube channel. Although the song was actually composed five years ago, since its release in March, the music video for “Trauma” has been viewed more than 29 million times and has received 288 thousand likes.

In addition to its popularity on YouTube, the song “Trauma” also went viral on the TikTok platform, with more than 170 thousand uploads using the song as background music in TikTok videos.




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