Music Collaboration Between Two Worlds? Happy Asmara Meets Alan Walker at YouTube Indonesia Office

PROGRES.ID – Recently, Happy Asmara shared a moment of togetherness with one of the world’s famous DJs, Alan Walker. Their meeting took place at the YouTube Indonesia office earlier this week, and this moment quickly became a sensation on social media.

Happy Asmara posted a photo with Alan Walker on her Instagram account @happy_asmara77 on Monday (25/9/2023). Not only with Alan Walker, but Happy Asmara also took pictures with the Google and YouTube Indonesia teams. She wrote an enthusiastic caption in her post, “First meeting with mas @alanwalkermusic and all the team 🥰 so happy, especially if we can collaborate next year, big hope this works out!!! ” This post also revealed the existence of a new project they will be working on with Alan Walker.

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On the other hand, Alan Walker also shared exciting moments of his meeting with Happy Asmara on his social media. One of the moments he uploaded was when they both enjoyed Padang rendang together. In this moment, Happy Asmara and Alan Walker sat at a table filled with various Indonesian delicacies, including Padang rendang. Happy Asmara warmly offered Alan to taste it.

With enthusiasm, Alan Walker wrote, “Trying rendang,” while adding a cheerful emoji in his post. As he was trying the rendang with a fork, a piece of meat fell, making Alan Walker laugh for a moment, followed by the laughter of those around him.

Joy and laughter adorned Alan Walker’s moment as he tried this Indonesian specialty, as seen in several posts on his social media.

Before they tried the rendang, Alan Walker jokingly teased Happy Asmara when the singer was about to mention the origin of the food. Alan said, “This is from….,” and Happy Asmara tried to remember.

“Indonesia,” quipped Alan Walker with a smile, and laughter erupted around them. Alan Walker’s attitude seemed like he was playfully teasing Happy Asmara, given that the food clearly originated from Indonesia.

“Yes, Indonesia. Padang District,” replied Happy Asmara with a smile, followed by even louder laughter from the people around them due to the rendang incident.

Meanwhile, fans and netizens are very excited about the upcoming collaboration between Happy Asmara and Alan Walker. They offered full support and congratulations to Happy Asmara.

“The best revenge is to make yourself better and successful ❤️❤️❤️ @happy_asmara77,” wrote one netizen.

“No need for one, two, three instructions. Just rise up on your own, Mbak Hep. Oops, we’re breaking into song 😂,” joked another.

“Finally, you can meet Mr. @alanwalkermusic in person. I hope you can continue to create together. Congratulations, Mbak Hep! 😘🥰🥰,” said another.

“Wow, cool 👏👏 congratulations, Mbak Hep, you make us proud,” wrote an enthusiastic fan.

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