Indulge in Jakarta’s 10 Legendary Culinary Destinations that will Make Your Taste Buds Dance!


PROGRES.ID- As the capital city of the country, Jakarta has become the epicenter of diverse cultural acculturation and assimilation from all over Indonesia. For those who have visited Jakarta, it’s likely that you’ve often encountered people from various regions who have come to this metropolitan city, or even made it their home. Little did you know, this varied background has significantly influenced the rich and tantalizing culinary scene of Jakarta. Here, you’ll discover an array of legendary dishes with unique characteristics, ranging from mouthwatering bakmi (noodles), authentic Italian gelato, to the unforgettable delight of gabus pucung (fish dish).

So, let’s explore more about these 10 legendary Jakarta cuisines that you absolutely must try!

1.Bakmi Gang Kelinci (Gang Kelinci Noodles)
Who can resist the delight of chewy noodles and tender shreds of chicken? If you’re a fan of chicken noodles, then a visit to Bakmi Gang Kelinci in Jakarta is a must. Established in 1957, this restaurant has branches across the city, from Pasar Baru, Cengkareng, Kuningan, Menteng, Kemayoran, Blok M, to Grogol. The menu is diverse, offering everything from chicken noodles, i fu mie (fried noodles), kwetiau (stir-fried flat rice noodles), to fried rice. All dishes are expertly prepared by skilled chefs using the finest ingredients, ensuring a truly delicious experience!

2. Es Ragusa Italia (Ragusa Italia Gelato)
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor something refreshing in Jakarta, and Es Ragusa Italia is the perfect place for that. This legendary gelato shop is located on Jl. Veteran, Gambir. Established since the 1930s, this shop offers traditional Italian gelato with a wide range of flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raisin, and durian. The gelato here boasts an exceptionally creamy texture, crafted from pure milk without preservatives. Jakarta’s culinary scene truly encompasses all types of delights!

3. Gabus Pucung Dapur Betawi (Betawi Kitchen’s Gabus Pucung)
Have you ever savored the deliciousness of gabus pucung? This Betawi-style dish made from snakehead fish and keluwek (black nut) boasts a tantalizing combination of savory and tangy flavors. If you’re in the vicinity of Jakarta and want to try this dish, head to Gabus Pucung Dapur Betawi Cabe 5 on Jl. Raya Parung, Ciputat. Aside from serving mouthwatering gabus pucung, the ambiance here evokes a sense of the past, making your Jakarta culinary experience even more authentic.

4.Kerak Telor Bang Sape’i (Bang Sape’i’s Crispy Egg Crepe)
Who doesn’t know this legendary treat? Made from eggs, glutinous rice, dried shrimp, and roasted coconut, this savory dish has a crispy exterior and a soft interior. Are you tempted? If so, it’s time to savor the Betawi-style kerak telor. Now, you can order Kerak Telor Bang Sape’i online and choose between chicken or duck eggs, according to your preference.

5. Laksa Betawi Assirot
Indulge in the perfect blend of coconut milk-based broth with various accompaniments like ketupat (compressed rice cakes), bean sprouts, basil leaves, green onions, and fried shallots. To enjoy this delectable dish, visit Laksa Betawi Assirot on Jl. Assirot, Kebayoran Lama. Established in 1978, the recipes have been passed down through generations. You can also choose additional toppings like braised meat, empal (sweet and savory beef), jengkol (dogfruit), tofu, tempeh, potatoes, and eggs.

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