August 17, 2023 Ceremony, President Jokowi Wears Traditional Attire Ageman Songkok

President Joko Widodo Wears Traditional Attire Ageman Songkok Singkepan Ageng in the Commemoration Ceremony of the 78th Indonesian Independence Day Proclamation (Source:

JAKARTA, PROGRES.ID – President Joko Widodo showcased his pride in cultural heritage while attending the Commemoration Ceremony of Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence on Thursday (17/8/2023).

During this event, President Jokowi wore the traditional attire Ageman Songkok Singkepan Ageng. This information was revealed by the Deputy for Press, Protocol, and Media Affairs at the Presidential Secretariat, Bey Machmudin.
Bey Machmudin explained that the attire chosen by President Joko Widodo is commonly worn by the kings of Pakubuwono Surakarta. Furthermore, Bey stated that Ageman Songkok Singkepan Ageng is one type of traditional clothing used by the kings of the Pakubuwono Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace during the Enggar Eggar soho Tedhak Loji ceremony.

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Enggar Eggar soho Tedhak Loji is a ceremony involving the king’s entrance and exit from the palace using a horse-drawn carriage, accompanied by palace officials as guards. The main purpose is to directly observe the conditions of the community. During the ceremony, the King interacts with the people by distributing money and food as a gesture of care for his subjects.

Joko Widodo frequently demonstrates his appreciation for Indonesia’s cultural richness through his attire during independence commemoration ceremonies. In 2022, he wore traditional attire from Buton, Southeast Sulawesi, as a tribute to the diverse cultures present in Indonesia.(sr)

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