500 Participants Add Splendor to Istana Berbatik in Jakarta

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PROGRES.ID – The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, along with the First Lady, Iriana Jokowi, enthusiastically inaugurated the Istana Berbatik celebration held in front of the Istana Merdeka in Jakarta on Sunday night (10/01/2023). In this special moment, the Head of State was seen wearing batik attire adorned with parang and udan liris motifs, while Mrs. Iriana looked elegant in a top with a truntum motif paired with a parang-patterned skirt.

In his speech, President Joko Widodo expressed his hope that this fashion event would foster a sense of pride among the Indonesian people for batik.

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“Through Istana Berbatik tonight, which is organized to commemorate National Batik Day falling on October 2, I invite the entire Indonesian society to cultivate pride in Indonesia’s rich art and culture and actively participate in its preservation and development,” said the President through his official website.

The President also added that Indonesia should be grateful for having batik as an inseparable part of the unique cultural heritage of Indonesia, recognized by UNESCO.

“Indonesians should be grateful to have batik, which is not just an ordinary work of art but a non-material world cultural heritage with symbolism, techniques, and culture deeply intertwined with Indonesia,” he added.

The fashion show involved around 500 participants, including leaders of state institutions, members of the Indonesia Maju Cabinet, representatives of state-owned enterprises (BUMN), public figures, representatives of the Nusantara kingdoms, professional models, and ambassadors from friendly countries. The event, attended by approximately 4,000 guests, was also enlivened with dance performances and exhibitions featuring micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), making it a special moment to celebrate the beauty and significance of Indonesian batik culture.

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