7 Interesting Things About the Film “Wish,” a Trailer That Beat Frozen 2’s Viewing Record

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PROGRES.ID – Disney has made waves in the film world by releasing the first trailer for its upcoming film titled “Wish” on September 27, 2023. Magic happened when this 2-minute and 22-second video managed to break the previous viewing record held by the trailer for the film “Frozen 2,” released in 2020.

Disney’s “Wish” tells the story of Asha’s journey as she tries to save the magical kingdom called Mosas. This kingdom is ruled by King Magnifico, who possesses extraordinary powers to grant wishes.
This latest film is also a celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary, with its peak coinciding with the premiere of “Wish.”

The latest “Wish” trailer showcases some key moments from this captivating story. Here are some interesting things from Disney’s “Wish” trailer:

1.Introduction of the Main Character, Asha
The main character in the film is Asha, an intelligent and cheerful girl. Asha has a loyal friend, Valentino, a little goat who always accompanies her.

2.The Kingdom of Mosas Led by King Magnifico

The trailer introduces the Kingdom of Mosas, a magical kingdom founded and led by King Magnifico and Queen Amaya. King Magnifico has the special power to grant wishes.

3.Asha Becomes a Student of the King
Asha is chosen to be a student of King Magnifico, and she is invited to visit a room filled with “hope” in Rosas. This fascinates Asha.

4.The King Only Grants Certain Wishes
However, Asha seems to disagree with King Magnifico, who apparently only wants to grant the wishes of a small portion of the population of the Kingdom of Mosas. For Asha, everyone deserves to pursue their hopes.

5.Asha Makes a Wish to the Star
Asha makes a request to a star, which then grants it, including Valentino’s wish to be able to speak. This star then descends to Earth and introduces itself as ‘Star,’ but Asha’s actions trigger the anger of King Magnifico.

6.Asha Is Branded as a Traitor
Due to her actions, Asha is branded as a traitor by King Magnifico. The King orders his people to capture Asha.

7.Asha’s Efforts to Fight Evil
Alongside her two companions, Valentino and Star, Asha does everything in her power to combat evil in the Kingdom of Mosas and make everyone’s dreams come true. Meanwhile, King Magnifico is not sitting idle.

These are some of the intriguing moments from the trailer of Disney’s “Wish,” which is set to premiere on November 22, 2023. Stay tuned for more information!



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