Elon Musk Tops Forbes 400’s List of the 20 Richest Americans in 2023

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PROGRES.ID – Forbes has recently released its list of the 20 wealthiest individuals in America for the year 2023. This group of the most affluent individuals in America collectively possesses a total wealth that reaches US$1.9 trillion or the equivalent of Rp29.6 quadrillion. Among these 20 billionaires, nine of them have a net worth exceeding US$100 billion or approximately Rp1.562 quadrillion, a figure that has never been reached before.

The minimum net worth required to make it into the top 20 richest list currently stands at US$38.9 billion (Rp607 trillion), an increase from US$37 billion (Rp578 trillion) in the previous year. However, one thing remains consistent, and that is Elon Musk’s position as the wealthiest person in America for two consecutive years, with a wealth of approximately US$251 billion (Rp3.921 quadrillion). His wealth surpasses that of Jeff Bezos, who holds the second position, with a net worth of US$161 billion (Rp2.515 quadrillion).

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Here is the list of the top 20 wealthiest individuals in America according to Forbes 400, along with their net worth as of September 8, 2023:

1.Elon Musk

  • Net Worth: US$251 billion (Rp3.921 quadrillion)

2.Jeff Bezos

  • Net Worth: US$161 billion (Rp2.515 quadrillion)

3.Larry Ellison

  • Net Worth: US$158 billion (Rp2.468 trillion)

4.Warren Buffett

  • Net Worth: US$121 billion (Rp1.890 trillion)

5.Larry Page

  • Net Worth: US$114 billion (Rp1.781 trillion)

6.Bill Gates

  • Net Worth: US$111 billion (Rp1.734 trillion)

7.Sergey Brin

  • Net Worth: US$110 billion (Rp1.718 trillion)

8.Mark Zuckerberg

  • Net Worth: US$106 billion (Rp1.656 trillion)

9.Steve Ballmer

  • Net Worth: US$101 billion (Rp1.578 trillion)

10.Michael Bloomberg

  • Net Worth: US$96.3 billion (Rp1.504 trillion)

11.Michael Dell

  • Net Worth: US$71.5 billion (Rp1.117 trillion)

12.Jim Walton & Family

  • Net Worth: US$68.2 billion (Rp1.065 trillion)

13.Rob Walton & Family

  • Net Worth: US$67.4 billion (Rp1.053 trillion)

14.Alice Walton

  • Net Worth: US$66.5 billion (Rp1.039 trillion)

15.Julia Koch & Family

  • Net Worth: US$59.8 billion (Rp934 trillion)

16.Charles Koch & Family

  • Net Worth: US$54.4 billion (Rp850 trillion)

17.Jensen Huang

  • Net Worth: US$40.7 billion (Rp635 trillion)

18.Phil Knight & Family

  • Net Worth: US$39.5 billion (Rp617 trillion)

19.Jacqueline Mars

  • Net Worth: US$38.9 billion (Rp607 trillion)

20.John Mars

  • Net Worth: US$38.9 billion (Rp607 trillion)

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