The Legend of Princess Mandalika: The Origin of the Name Mandalika and the Enchanting Nyale Worm Ritual


PROGRES.ID– The exotic beauty of Indonesia is reflected in West Nusa Tenggara, not just through the world-class Mandalika Circuit that promises to delight visitors. There’s a famous legend in Mandalika that explains the origin of the region’s name—the legend of Princess Mandalika. Princess Mandalika was a beautiful woman from the prominent Sasak tribe in the area. Her beauty had a mesmerizing allure that captivated all men, even those from beyond Lombok. This story narrates how the charm of Princess Mandalika captivated the hearts of many men, leading to numerous proposals.

One day, overwhelmed by all the proposals she received, Princess Mandalika felt the need to find solace in meditation. The following day, with a resolute heart, she summoned all the men who loved her to Bukit Seger.

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However, what happened next was astonishing. Instead of choosing one of them as her life partner, Princess Mandalika suddenly threw herself into the rolling waves of Seger Beach, swiftly disappearing without a trace. This event left everyone present bewildered, unable to fathom Princess Mandalika’s mysterious actions.

What’s even more unique is that after the princess’s departure, Seger Beach was suddenly filled with colorful sea worms. The local community believed these sea worms to be the reincarnation or another form of Princess Mandalika who had vanished. These colorful sea worms were seen as a spiritual sign of Princess Mandalika’s presence, guarding and protecting their region.

From this legend of Princess Mandalika, the annual celebration of Bau Nyale emerged, which has become incredibly popular. This ceremony is held every year and attracts the attention of both domestic and international tourists. Bau Nyale is a ritual for searching for sea worms believed to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika, who disappeared after leaping from Bukit Seger into Seger Beach.

For visitors, the Bau Nyale ceremony is a unique and enchanting experience. They can witness how the local community enthusiastically searches for sea worms along the beach, creating a vibrant celebration amidst the beauty of Mandalika’s nature. Additionally, visitors have the opportunity to see a monument dedicated to Princess Mandalika on Seger Beach. This monument serves as an important symbol of the legend that has shaped the history and culture of this region.

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