Release of YouTube Film Titled “Global Pursuit” and Trending, Who is Kai Cenat?

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PROGRES.ID – Online streamer and Twitch personality, as well as YouTuber Kai Cenat, released the trailer for a film titled “Global Pursuit” on August 24, 2023. The film’s trailer quickly became a trending topic on YouTube Indonesia. As of now, the trailer has been viewed by over 1.1 million viewers.

So, who is Kai Cenat, actually?
Quoted from the Wikipedia page, Kai Cenat’s full name is Kai Carlo Cenat III. He was born on December 16, 2001, in New York, United States. Cenat is a member of the streaming group “Any Means Possible” (AMP), which consists of approximately six individuals.

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Cenat has a substantial following on social media:

  • @KaiCenat on X with 1.5 million followers
  • Kai Cenat Live on YouTube with 4.01 million followers.
  • @kaicenat on Instagram with 5.6 million followers.
  • KaiCenat on Twitch with 6.5 million followers.
  • kai_cenat on TikTok with 7.1 million followers.

Kai Cenat gained popularity on YouTube and Twitch by uploading comedic content and long-duration comedy streaming broadcasts, some lasting for hours on end.

He made headlines and faced legal issues in New York due to an incident on August 5, 2023. He staged a prank involving distributing PS5 consoles. Initially, he uploaded a video titled “Kai Cenat Shuts Down New York City.” In the video, Cenat and his friends showcased a scenario in which he was in the middle of New York City, ready to distribute PS5 consoles and giveaways.
The location within New York City where he was situated was quickly swarmed by eager residents wanting to get their hands on a free PS5. As the situation escalated and became uncontrollable, Cenat disappeared without distributing any PS5 consoles or other giveaways.(xx)

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