YouTube Cracks Down on Ad-Blocking


PROGRES.ID – Advertisements on YouTube can often be a nuisance when enjoying videos. While this video-sharing platform allows users to enjoy content for free, the only way to watch without ads and access additional benefits is by subscribing to the paid YouTube Premium.

However, ad-blocking tools have become a solution for many to avoid ads. Unfortunately, YouTube has taken a firm stance against ad-blockers. As part of a broader global effort, YouTube has expanded its measures to combat ad-blocking practices.

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YouTube’s efforts to address ad-blockers began earlier this year as part of a small-scale experiment. Despite strong user reactions during the experiment, YouTube aims to persuade users to subscribe to YouTube Premium or disable their ad-blockers.

Christopher Lawton, YouTube’s Communications Manager, explained, “Using ad-blockers violates YouTube’s Terms of Service. Ads support a diverse ecosystem of content creators worldwide, enabling billions of people to access their favorite content on YouTube.”

Users who employ ad-blockers will receive a notification stating that “video playback is blocked unless YouTube is allowed or ad-blockers are disabled.” They will also be asked to enable ads or try YouTube Premium. Furthermore, YouTube will warn that video playback will be entirely blocked if users continue using ad-blockers after watching three videos.

YouTube‘s stance on ad-blockers is understandable, given that ads are the largest source of revenue for the platform. The company has even introduced unskippable 30-second ads to its TV app earlier this year and is experimenting with longer ad breaks, albeit less frequently on television.



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