Trending on Netflix, Here’s the Synopsis of the Korean Drama “Mask Girl”

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PROGRES.ID – Original Korean dramas from the Netflix platform always manage to capture the attention of viewers from various parts of the world. One of these is MASK GIRL, one of the many original Korean dramas on Netflix that offers an exciting and unique story. For those who haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, the synopsis of the 2023 drama “Mask Girl” certainly holds its own allure.

On August 18, 2023, the drama “Mask Girl” made its debut. The story portrays an influencer who maintains a secret identity by always appearing in the online world wearing a mask. However, accidentally, she becomes entangled in a perplexing case.

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For those of you who are still curious about the entire plot of “Mask Girl,” here we present a comprehensive overview, including information about the cast and audience reactions.

Synopsis of Drama “Mask Girl”

Previously, there have been other dramas with influencer themes like “CELEBRITY.” However, “Mask Girl” offers a different approach with a primary focus on a popular influencer in the digital realm.

For those who adore all things related to life in Korea, you are probably aware that this country has a streaming platform filled with diverse content from influencers. Starting from mukbang (eating broadcasts), fashion, dance, and much more. This drama is set against that backdrop.

In “Mask Girl,” the story follows the journey of Kim Mo Mi, an office worker who is shy and often lacks confidence. However, since childhood, Kim Mo Mi has harbored dreams of becoming famous like a celebrity.

Finally, Kim Mo Mi decides to attain fame in the online world. Due to her lack of confidence, she decides to appear on a streaming platform while wearing a mask to conceal her face. Unexpectedly, her popularity skyrockets.

One day, Kim Mo Mi’s identity is uncovered by Joo Oh Nam, her colleague at work who also has feelings for her. The two become caught up in an unforeseen situation, adding a new dimension to the storyline. This drama is truly a show that shouldn’t be missed.

“Mask Girl” is one of Netflix’s original dramas that immediately grabbed attention. With a total of 7 episodes, the drama first aired on August 18, 2023. For those who want to watch “Mask Girl,” you can see it on the Netflix streaming application.

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