Gasoline Car Extinction Begins in Norway

charging station
One of charging station in Norway (Getty Images/Trygve Finkelsen)

PROGRES.ID – Norway will almost certainly be the first country to experience a gasoline car extinction. With almost 100% electric vehicle users, sales of gasoline cars are predicted to completely disappear from the country by 2022.

Initially, Norway targeted the country to be free from selling fuel oil cars by 2025. However, recent developments suggest that the country can no longer sell gasoline vehicles. in April 2022.

That estimate comes from a report made by the Norwegian Automobile Federation. It is stated that in recent times, sales of gasoline-fueled cars have consistently declined. From the report, it is predicted that the last gasoline car sales in the country will occur seven months from now. Or in April 2022.

In the Norwegian car sales report, in recent times the sales of gasoline cars have continued to be below 10%. When compared to 2020, the figure is down 21%.

If the trend persists, then gasoline car sales in Norway will touch zero in April 2022. This is much faster because it was originally estimated that gasoline cars would still be sold until 2025.

For the record, Norway considers hybrid cars as electric vehicles. This is arguably deviated from the general assumption, because hybrid cars, after all, still use fuel oil as the main driver of the vehicle.

However, sales of hybrid cars in Norway are also not big. The figure is only 10% of total car sales in the country.

Statistics note that of the 15 cars sold in Norway since the start of this year, 14 of them are electric vehicles. Thus quoted from electric.

Low Taxes and Big Incentives Make Electric Cars Selling Well in Norway

Norway is a leading country in terms of the use of electric cars in the world. The people of this country are willing to flock to environmentally friendly vehicles because of the tax breaks provided by the government.

In addition, the government also increased the tax on fuel oil, which made the price of gasoline feel much more expensive than charging a car battery. These policies give electric car buyers many advantages over buying conventional cars.

Recently, the government has actually removed incentives that benefit electric car users. Among them, there is no more free parking and free toll entry. However, with the tax relief still in effect, the public still chooses to buy an electric car.

It was also stated that the Norwegian public currently has a wide choice of brands and types of electric cars. In addition, there is a culture and trend in society to buy electric cars, because they are aware that in the next few years filling gas at gas stations will be very difficult. After all, the number continues to decrease.

Currently, many gas stations in Norway have become electric car charging stations.

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