Lil Tay Appears on Instagram Live and Releases New Music Video After 5 Years of Disappearance

PROGRES.ID – After a five-year absence from the world of social media, Lil Tay, formerly known as a child influencer, has made a comeback and caused a social media sensation. Not only that, she also launched an attack on her father and released a new music video titled “Sucker 4 Green” last Saturday.

The social media sensation claimed that her father was the mastermind behind the hoaxes about her death that occurred last month. She used Instagram Live to show that she had returned to social media with renewed vigor.

On her main Instagram page, the influencer uploaded a snippet of her new music video to her 4.9 million followers, enthusiastically writing, “I’M BACK, I’M BACK, I’M BACK. LINK IN MY BIO!!”

The video has been viewed 2.2 million times and features the star in a bright and luxurious house in Los Angeles, showcasing luxury vehicles.

In the song, Lil Tay sings about opulence, with lyrics like “Money, money, money/I can’t turn away from it, I want it, want it, want it” and “There’s nothing wrong with being rich and blessed/And I just want some yachts and mansions right now.”
She also displays her dancing skills with choreography alongside dancers dressed in black suits and green ties.

Tay wears various outfits throughout the music video, including a bright orange mini skirt and a matching crop jacket.
At the beginning of the video, Tay’s 21-year-old brother, Jason, and her mother, Angela Tian, also make a brief appearance as they sit inside one of the luxurious vehicles.

Lil Tay’s return comes just one month after the hoax about her death, which began when her family issued a “statement” on her teenage Instagram account.

In addition to Tay, her brother, Jason Tian, was also reported to have passed away – but that statement has now been deleted.
During the Instagram LIVE session, which also took place on Saturday, Lil Tay discussed her five-year absence from social media and claimed that her father was the mastermind behind the hoax.

Earlier this week, she shared a photo of her father, named Christopher J. Hope, on her Instagram Story with the message: “My dad is a racist, misogynistic, abusive person who faked my death.”

While speaking with her fans, the star stated, “Chris Hope is the one who orchestrated the death hoax. He tried to sabotage me.” She then claimed that her father and others had planned to “fake” her death as part of a cryptocurrency scheme.

Despite detailing her father’s past abusive and inappropriate behavior, Lil Tay defended her mother, Angela.


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