Potential Pandemic Threat: What Is Disease X?


PROGRES.ID – The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning about the threat of an infectious disease known as “Disease X.” Disease X is actually a term used to refer to a disease that is currently not known with certainty.

Nevertheless, global health security researchers from Griffith University in Australia, Dicky Budiman, have cautioned about the potential for this disease to become significant.

“Although we do not yet know the disease, its potential is significant. It is important for us to be vigilant and prepared,” said Dicky.

Disease X has several distinguishing criteria. First, this disease has the ability to spread very rapidly through various means, including through the air, physical contact, and bodily fluids. Second, the disease does not yet have effective drugs and vaccines. Third, the general population generally lacks immunity to this disease, whether it be a virus, bacteria, or other pathogens. Lastly, Disease X has a significant level of severity, with a fatality rate of at least 20-25 percent.

The threat of Disease X is a serious concern because of its potential to become the next pandemic that could threaten global health. Although COVID-19 is no longer considered a global health emergency, the pandemic has not ended, and new variants that cause waves of illness and death are still possible. In addition, other infectious diseases such as Ebola, Marburg virus, Middle East respiratory syndrome, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and Disease X are also threats that need to be monitored.

Health experts agree that the next pandemic is likely to originate from zoonotic diseases, which are diseases that initially come from animals and then spread to humans. To anticipate the possibility of such diseases, early detection and adopting a healthy lifestyle are key factors in safeguarding global public health. WHO continues to monitor the potential threat of this disease and works to mitigate its spread.

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