Governor Rohidin Optimistic that ATAS Organization Can Strengthen the Role and Capability of School Administration Staff

Association of School Administration Staff (ATAS)

BENGKULU, PROGRES.ID – Governor of Bengkulu, Rohidin Mersyah is optimistic that the Bengkulu Province Association of School Administration Staff (ATAS) can strengthen the role and capability of school administration staff. According to Rohidin, the role of school administration staff is crucial in realizing better institutional governance in education.

“Ensuring that administration is correct and complete is important. So, all of these will greatly support the continuity of existing policies,” said Governor Rohidin after attending and giving a speech at the Inauguration of ATAS Provincial Management in one of the hotels in the Pantai Panjang area of Bengkulu, Tuesday (28/02/2023).

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Governor Rohidin stated that gradually the Bengkulu Provincial Government will pay attention to the welfare and career development of school administration staff.

“All of this will greatly help how to encourage the improvement of the education system in Bengkulu,” said Rohidin.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of ATAS Bengkulu Province, Evi Yunita, stated that after the inauguration of ATAS Bengkulu management, they will carry out a synergy program with existing stakeholders at both the provincial and district/city levels.

“Our future program is to want to collaborate with education stakeholders in Bengkulu Province. So that education in Bengkulu can be improved,” said Evi.

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