Governor of Bengkulu Expresses Gratitude to Basarnas on Its 51st Anniversary for Their Quick Action in Emergencies

Basarnas birthday commemoration ceremony (Photo: Media Center Pemprov/PROGRES.ID)

BENGKULU, PROGRES.ID – Governor of Bengkulu, Rohidin Mersyah, expressed his gratitude for the promptness of the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) in handling emergency incidents in the field. He also congratulated Basarnas on its 51st anniversary on February 28, 2023, at the Bengkulu Basarnas Office.

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On Basarnas’ 51st Anniversary, Governor of Bengkulu: Thank You for Always Acting Quickly in Emergencies

Governor Rohidin also stated that the synergy between the Bengkulu Provincial Government and related agencies must continue to be improved to provide a sense of peace, security, and comfort to the people of Bengkulu. In addition, the construction of a Basarnas Post on Enggano Island is in line with the resolution for Enggano’s development and will help the development of the local economy.

“I am truly grateful on behalf of the people and the Bengkulu Provincial Government. The presence of Basarnas is truly felt by the community. I have seen and witnessed it firsthand in the field that when emergency incidents occur, Basarnas always comes early and takes quick action,” said Governor Rohidin.

Governor Rohidin also stated that the development of the Enggano Island Airport is currently underway, and Enggano will soon have 24-hour electricity. This certainty comes after the Bengkulu Provincial Government coordinated with PLN Regional Palembang. The Governor hopes that this will solve the fundamental problems on Enggano Island and become the beginning of its economic development.

The Head of Bengkulu Basarnas, M. Arafah, expressed his gratitude to the Bengkulu Provincial Government and committed to continue to collaborate in carrying out humanitarian duties during emergencies. Basarnas, together with the provincial and city BPBD, is always ready to save human lives in need of assistance.

“Basarnas, together with the Provincial and City BPBD, is always ready to save human lives in need of assistance. We also hope for support from the people of Bengkulu Province,” said Arafah.

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