Nokia Announces Logo Change After 60 Years

New logo of Nokia (Rappler)

PROGRES.ID – Nokia, a long-established mobile phone brand owned by HMD Global, is still going strong and even participated in the Mobile World Congress, also known as MWC 2023, in Barcelona, Spain.

During the event, Nokia announced a change in its logo after being in the business for 60 years. The new Nokia logo features a more modern font style, and the background color varies depending on its usage. According to PCMag, Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark stated that this marks a change in the company’s strategy.

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Lundmark said that this new strategy will encourage Nokia to expand beyond the smartphone industry and into the broader technology sector. He wants Nokia to be recognized not only as a mobile phone brand but also as a company focused on networking and industrial digitization.

“We want to introduce our brand, which now also focuses on networking and digitalizing industries. So this will be very different from when we only created mobile phones,” Lundmark said in an interview.

Nevertheless, HMD Global, which holds the Nokia brand license for mobile phones, continues to produce new devices, including the Nokia G22.

Therefore, Nokia and HMD Global are actually two separate companies. HMD Global is the licensee of the Nokia mobile phone brand that was acquired from Microsoft when they decided to leave the phone business.

In 2016, Microsoft officially withdrew from the smartphone market and sold the Nokia brand, which was later acquired by HMD Global. In Indonesia, HMD Global is not as well-known as the Nokia brand, which still holds a strong position in the memory of Indonesian gadget enthusiasts.

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