Indonesia Launches SATUSEHAT Mobile, a New Public Health App as Part of Digital Healthcare Transformation

satusehat mobile

JAKARTA, PROGRES.ID – The digital transformation of healthcare in Indonesia has entered a new phase. The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) has officially transformed PeduliLindungi into a community health application called SATUSEHAT Mobile.

“PeduliLindungi will undergo major changes tonight and can be used by the public as SATUSEHAT Mobile starting from March 1, 2023,” said Setiaji, the Health Technology Advisor and Chief Digital Transformation Officer (DTO) of Kemenkes, on Tuesday (28/2).

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For those who have previously downloaded PeduliLindungi, the public only needs to update the application through the Play Store or App Store, either automatically or manually. After giving approval to the terms and conditions in SATUSEHAT Mobile, users only need to log in with their registered phone number or email.

For the initial stage, the updated application is intended for IOS users. While for Android users, it will be available soon.

“Member profiles, COVID-19 vaccination certificates, and tickets will also be automatically synchronized. So, after giving approval, SATUSEHAT Mobile users do not need to bother creating a new account to start using SATUSEHAT Mobile,” said Setiaji.

In addition to the existing features in PeduliLindungi, such as COVID-19 vaccination, antigen and PCR test results, and scanning QR codes during check-in, a new feature called ‘health diary’ will also be available soon, which can record and monitor the health condition of oneself and close contacts.

There are four conditions that can be recorded in this feature, namely body measurements (height and weight), blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate. After that, various information such as health curves, analysis, and recommendations for further action will be displayed.

“With the health diary feature, SATUSEHAT Mobile can help and provide information to monitor the health condition of users according to their body condition, and it can be accessed anywhere and anytime,” said Setiaji.

In its development plan, SATUSEHAT Mobile will gradually add various other personal health-supporting features, with data sourced and integrated with electronic medical records (EMR) through the SATUSEHAT Platform.

“From children’s immunization, queuing at hospitals, examination results, to drug purchase data, it will be accessible and integrated through SATUSEHAT Mobile,” said Setiaji.

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