7 Hotel Recommendations in Mandalika Lombok That Make Your Vacation Even More Exciting!

Jivana Resort
Jivana Resort

PROGRES.ID –¬†Mandalika has become one of the top-priority destinations that are now attracting tourists’ attention. Are you interested in visiting this slice of paradise in Central Lombok? Well, you’re in luck! Below, there are some exciting hotel recommendations for you to check out. Besides enjoying the natural beauty of Mandalika, you can also indulge in the hotel’s facilities!

But, always adhere to health protocols and maintain social distancing. Don’t forget to follow the 3M rules for the sake of our collective health and safety.

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Without further ado, let’s take a look at the list of hotel recommendations below!

1 | Jivana Resort

Jivana Resort
Jivana Resort

If you want to enjoy a peaceful and serene atmosphere for relaxation during your vacation, Jivana Resort is the answer! It boasts a tropical garden, a koi fish pond, and a spacious swimming pool complete with a clean white sand beach. Its location is also not far from Kuta Beach, just a 5-minute journey by motorbike or car.

Website: www.jivanaresortlombok.com
Instagram: jivanaresort

2 | Lavella Villas

La Vella Villas
La Vella Villas

Within a kilometer from Kuta Beach, you can also find comfortable accommodation with unique architecture, Lavella Villas. There are two accommodation options, apartments, and bungalows, so you can choose according to your budget and needs, Sobat Pesona.
Instagram: lavellavillaskutalombok

3 | Mana Yoga Retreat
Want to indulge yourself during your vacation? Don’t worry, Sobat Pesona! In Mandalika, precisely at Mana Yoga Retreat, there is accommodation equipped with health retreats that will refresh both your body and mind. This place offers yoga classes, a spa, a vegetarian restaurant, and super cozy cabanas.
Website: https://manalombok.com/
Instagram: manayogaretreat

4 | Sima Hotel
With luxurious architectural design, Sima Hotel should also be on your list when visiting Mandalika, Sobat Pesona! The combination of traditional and modern nuances enhances the hotel’s atmosphere dominated by brown tones. As for facilities, there is a swimming pool with a Joglo for relaxation, a comfortable spa room, and a gym with a refreshing view in the fitness center. It’s all complete, isn’t it?
Website: simalombok.com
Instagram: simalombok

5 | Novotel Lombok Resort Villas
A vacation in Mandalika with family will be more exciting if you stay at Novotel Lombok Resort Villas. This hotel has complete facilities for families, from children to adults. What’s unique is that there are Private Sasak Villas that resemble traditional Sasak houses typical of Lombok. If you have business matters, you can also find a business center here!
Website: novotellombok.com
Instagram: novotellombokresortandvillas

6 | Pipe Dream Villas
Strategic location and complete facilities are the top reasons why Pipe Dream Villas should be on your list of visits. Starting from the spacious swimming pool, a relaxing garden, to live music in the evening, everything is available at Pipe Dream Villas. Modern bathrooms and comfortable bedrooms will make your vacation even more enjoyable.
Instagram: pipedream resort

7 | Sikara Lombok Hotel

A serene and green atmosphere welcomes you from the moment you enter the hotel area. The combination of wood and bamboo decorations adds aesthetic value to every Instagram-worthy corner. Plus, with yoga classes, surfing classes, and the hotel staff’s friendliness that makes you feel comfortable and at home, you might forget to leave, Sobat Pesona!
Website: https://www.sikaralombokhotel.com/
Instagram: sikaralombokhotel

The exoticism of Mandalika, Lombok is truly unparalleled. With a variety of accommodation options that can be tailored to your budget, Sobat Pesona can still enjoy the stunning coastal landscapes and breathtaking natural surroundings.

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