Sing ‘Indonesia Raya’: Putri Ariani, AGT 2023 Finalist, to Open MotoGP Mandalika 2023

Putri Ariani/Special

PROGRES.ID – Indonesian singer and finalist of America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023, Putri Ariani, has been confirmed to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2023 MotoGP at the Mandalika Circuit in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, from October 13th to 15th, 2023. Jamaluddin Malady, the Head of the West Nusa Tenggara Tourism Department, has confirmed the presence of this talented singer in the highly anticipated MotoGP event.

Jamaluddin Malady affirmed that Putri Ariani will sing the national anthem, “Indonesia Raya,” during the MotoGP opening ceremony at the Mandalika Circuit. He is confident that Putri Ariani’s golden voice will captivate the audience and may even motivate more people to attend the MotoGP event. With Putri Ariani’s rising popularity, it is hoped that more residents of West Nusa Tenggara will be drawn to witness this event.

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In addition to Putri Ariani, Jamaluddin Malady also revealed that several other artists, including the band Netral, will be invited to entertain the audience during the MotoGP event. This will add diversity to the entertainment options for the spectators.

“We are confident that when she (Putri Ariani) sings, the audience will be deeply moved. Especially since Putri Ariani’s name is currently trending, residents of West Nusa Tenggara will certainly come to watch,” he said.

According to the Commander of the Mandalika MotoGP Field, various traditional dances from West Nusa Tenggara will also be showcased during the MotoGP. This is part of an effort to introduce the local culture to the international audience in attendance.

“So, there will be a cultural parade that we will present, similar to what was done during the WSBK and MotoGP in 2022,” he stated.

All of these efforts are expected to enhance the attractiveness and excitement of the MotoGP event at the Mandalika Circuit. It is hoped that the event will entertain the audience and boost ticket sales, with a target of selling 71,000 tickets and the potential to attract up to 100,000 spectators. This is an important step in promoting Indonesian tourism and culture through prestigious sports events like MotoGP.


Source: antara

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