Meta Releases Voice-enabled Translator for 100 Languages, Google and Mozilla Aren’t Falling Behind


PROGRES.ID – Meta (The company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) has released an artificial intelligence (AI) model named ‘SeamlessM4T’ with the capability to translate and replicate nearly 100 languages in both text and speech forms.

This AI model has been publicly announced (open source) along with ‘SeamlessAlign,’ a translation dataset that provides more accurate context. This translation tool is expected to facilitate internet users in translating articles, essays, speeches, and even everyday conversations with speakers from different countries.

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The method is highly flexible, allowing translation from text to text, speech to speech, and speech to text.

In an official blog, Meta explained, “Our AI model is designed to provide translations that facilitate effective communication across various different languages.”

Meta also added that SeamlessM4T will be able to identify the translation language without the need for language selection instructions beforehand.

“SeamlessM4T can recognize the source language without requiring a separate model to identify that language,” as reported by TechCrunch on Wednesday (23/8/2023).

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