List of the Top 10 Best-Selling Phones Worldwide in the First Half of 2023 According to Omdia

PROGRES.ID – Research company Omdia recently released the ranking of the 10 best-selling smartphones during the first half of 2023. Interestingly, this ranking is dominated by just two brands.

In a report titled ‘Smartphone Model Market Tracker – 2Q23,’ Omdia announced that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has become the best-selling smartphone worldwide from January to June 2023. During this period, Apple managed to ship a total of 26.5 million units of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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The second and third positions are also occupied by smartphones from the iPhone 14 family. The second position is held by the iPhone 14 Pro with a shipment of 21 million units, and in third place is the iPhone 14 with a shipment of 16.5 million units.

In the previous year, the iPhone 13 was the best-selling smartphone globally, indicating that consumers still tend to purchase flagship product variants at the entry level, rather than the most expensive variants.

However, there has been a change in trends this year with the dominance of the iPhone 14 Pro Max as the most expensive variant. According to Omdia, this ranking reflects a shift in the trend where the premium smartphone market continues to grow and demand for iPhones remains strong, while the mid-range to lower-end market experiences a decline.

This list divides the top 10 best-selling smartphones in the world during this period between the Apple and Samsung brands. In addition to the iPhone 14 series, there’s the iPhone 13 in the fourth position and the iPhone 11 in the tenth position.

Meanwhile, Samsung managed to enter this ranking with the Galaxy A14 in the fifth position, with shipments totaling 12.4 million units. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung’s traditionally most expensive smartphone, occupies the sixth position with a shipment of 9.6 million units.

Not a single smartphone from Chinese brands managed to enter the list this year. This is a change from the previous year when two Xiaomi smartphones managed to secure a spot in the top 10. Omdia explained that this is due to a significant decrease in shipments of Chinese-brand smartphones since 2022, especially in the mid-range to lower-end market segment.

According to Jusy Hong, Senior Research Manager at Omdia, the weak mid-range to lower-end smartphone market is expected to continue into the second half of this year. On the other hand, the premium smartphone market is predicted to grow with the launch of the iPhone 15 series.

“Shipments of OEM Android-based phones, which have a significant share in mid-range to low-priced phones, will definitely experience negative growth this year. On the other hand, Apple’s shipments for the Pro and Pro Max will increase due to solid demand for premium models, but overall iPhone shipments this year will be similar to last year or slightly lower due to weak demand for standard and Plus models,” said Hong, as quoted from Omdia’s official statement on Tuesday (August 29, 2023).

Here is the list of the top 10 best-selling smartphones in the world for the January – June 2023 period according to Omdia:

  1. iPhone 14 Pro Max: 26.5 million units
  2. iPhone 14 Pro: 21 million units
  3. iPhone 14: 16.5 million units
  4. iPhone 13: 15.5 million units
  5. Samsung Galaxy A14: 12.4 million units
  6. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: 9.6 million units
  7. Samsung Galaxy A14 5G: 9 million units
  8. Samsung Galaxy A54 5G: 8.8 million units
  9. Samsung Galaxy A34 5G: 7.1 million units
  10. iPhone 11: 6.9 million units

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