Wearing Thawb (Saudi Arabian Men’s Robes), Cristiano Ronaldo Enjoys Life in Saudi Arabia


PROGRES.ID – World football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is once again in the spotlight of social media after an interesting moment caught his activities outside the field in Saudi Arabia. In this viral moment, the player not only showcased his football skills but also garnered attention with his unique dressing style. CR7, his familiar nickname, was seen comfortably wearing a men’s robe known as Thawb, a traditional Saudi Arabian attire.

Thawb, which is the men’s robe in Saudi Arabian culture, is more than just ordinary clothing. This attire symbolizes simplicity and traditional values held by the local community. It’s not a common sight for someone from a different culture to wear Thawb in their daily activities. However, Ronaldo gracefully proved that he is not just a great athlete but also respects the culture of the place he resides in.

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Ronaldo’s presence in Saudi Arabia isn’t solely about football. The player joined the Al Nassr club since last year, and his impact has been felt in his career journey in the Middle East. Ronaldo has brought glory to Al Nassr by clinching the title of the Saudi Arabian Champions League. This achievement marked the first for Ronaldo since joining the club.

Ronaldo’s influence isn’t limited to the football pitch. His presence in Saudi Arabia has set off a domino effect in the football world. This summer, many other European football stars have taken steps to experience playing in the Saudi Arabian Pro League. Among the big names who followed Ronaldo’s footsteps are Karim Benzema, Neymar, N’Golo Kante, Sadio Mane, as well as Fabinho, Jordan Henderson, and Roberto Firmino. They have all chosen to be part of the football community in Saudi Arabia.

Of course, this move benefits not only the clubs in Saudi Arabia but also enriches the quality of football in the region. The presence of these top stars provides Middle Eastern football fans with the opportunity to witness spectacular actions from their idol players.

With his casual dressing style and dedication to football, Cristiano Ronaldo has become more than just a world-class athlete. He has become a bridge between culture and sports, wearing Thawb as a symbol of respect and integration in his new life in Saudi Arabia. In his journey in the Middle East, Ronaldo has also breathed new life into local football with the championship titles he achieved. All of this proves that football isn’t just about matches on the field but also about bringing inspiration and change out there.

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