What is Kissinger, the Long-Distance Kissing Device That is Viral on Social Media?

Kissinger (Twitter: Ifeng News)

PROGRES.ID – Kissinger is a device that allows two people to kiss each other from a distance. This gadget is equipped with motion sensors and actuators that can reproduce the movements of the lips and transmit them to the other person through the internet. This way, people can experience the sensation of kissing even though they are physically far apart.

The device was invented by Hooman Samani, a researcher at the National University of Singapore. According to him, Kissinger was designed to explore the possibilities of telepresence technology and its potential impact on human relationships. Although it was originally intended as an experiment, Kissinger quickly gained attention on social media and became viral.

The concept of long-distance kissing is not entirely new. In fact, there are already some similar devices on the market, such as the Kiss Transmission Device developed by Lovotics. However, Kissinger is the first device that uses motion sensors to capture the movement of the lips and transmit them in real-time.

Despite its popularity, Kissinger has also received criticism from some quarters. Some people argue that the device reduces the intimacy of a real kiss and promotes a superficial and artificial form of communication. Others worry that it could be used for inappropriate purposes or contribute to the breakdown of traditional relationships.

In any case, Kissinger represents a new frontier in the field of telepresence technology and raises interesting questions about the nature of human communication and intimacy. Whether it will become a mainstream device or remain a niche product for a small group of enthusiasts, only time will tell.

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