Google Registry Launches .ing Domain, Beautiful Domain for Sale at IDR 2 Billion

PROGRES.IDGoogle Registry, a business unit focused on providing domain services, recently introduced an intriguing Top-Level Domain (TLD) called .ing (pronounced dot ing). The announcement of this domain was shared through Google’s official blog. “This top-level domain is ready to be used for various purposes according to your desires,” said Christina Yeh from the Google Registry team.

The presence of the .ing domain has captured attention because many English words can be appended with the “ing” suffix, indicating ongoing activities. This has made .ing domains highly sought after. Some examples include (thinking),,,, and so on.

On the domain registration and web hosting site Go Daddy in the United States, domains with the .ing extension are sold at a relatively high price. For instance, is sold for $38,999.99 or approximately IDR 622 million per year. Meanwhile, is priced at $129,999.99 per year, equivalent to about IDR 2 billion per year. Registration for .ing domains will be open to the public starting on December 5, 2023. However, Google has provided early access or priority registration for .ing domains since its launch.

This means that customers can now register .ing domains through domain registration service providers like Go Daddy, MrDomain, 101domain, and others. Customers can also check the availability of their desired .ing domains on the website before purchasing them from the domain registration site. To gain priority access, customers need to pay an additional fee on top of the .ing domain subscription fee, which is a one-time charge.

Google explains that this additional fee will decrease as the date for the public registration of .ing domains on December 5 approaches. “You can register .ing domains as part of our Early Access Period (EAP) by paying a one-time additional fee,” Yeh stated.

Detailed pricing information for .ing domains can be checked on the website or through the websites of the domain registration service providers mentioned above.

Furthermore, through its blog, Google also revealed that several leading companies, such as Canva and Adobe, have been using .ing domains. Canva, a design application provider, uses .ing domains for sites like and When users click on them, they are redirected to Canva’s site to start drawing or designing various content.

This is an exciting step by Google Registry in introducing .ing domains, opening up opportunities for creativity and innovation in the online world with domains that represent various activities.


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