Impressive Performance by Megawati Hangestri in South Korea’s V-League with Jung Kwan Jang Red Spark

Megawati Hangestri with Red Spark / KOVO

PROGRES.ID – South Korean media is taken aback by the performance of Megawati Hangestri, an Indonesian women’s volleyball athlete, as she plays for her new team, Jung Kwan Jang Red Spark, in her debut in the V-League.

In her debut match, Megawati secured a resounding 3-0 victory (25-15, 25-15, 25-23) for Jung Kwan Jang Red Spark against IBK Industrial Bank on Thursday (10/17/2023). This success has made Megawati the center of attention in various South Korean online media outlets.

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One of South Korea’s online media, OSEN, featured the headline “Asia Quarter Mega Explosion” in their article, praising Megawati Hangestri for her contributions that have transformed her team’s performance compared to the previous season.

Previously, Jung Kwan Jang had nearly failed to advance to the playoffs in the previous season due to a one-point deficit. However, the situation changed dramatically due to Megawati’s outstanding performance, where she managed to score 21 points for her team.

In addition to Megawati, another foreign player from Jung Kwan Jang, Giovanna Milana (Zia), also received accolades for her contribution by scoring 18 points in that match.

Jung Kwan Jang’s coach, Ko Hee-jin, acknowledged that both of these foreign players have brought positive changes to the team’s performance. “Mega and Zia are players with excellent offensive abilities,” said Ko Hee-jin, as quoted from

Ko Hee-jin, a South Korean-blooded coach, also revealed that Megawati was initially surprised by the different training methods in South Korea. However, he expressed his gratitude that Megawati performed well during the preseason and was able to demonstrate her abilities in the matches. “What matters is what we do during training; you will see it when watching this match,” said Ko Hee-jin.


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