Band Profile: The Corrs’ Successful Concert in Jakarta

The Corrs ( The Guardian)

PROGRES.ID – On Wednesday, October 18, 2023, The Corrs successfully held their concert at Beach City International Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta. This Irish folk rock band delivered an impressive performance for music enthusiasts in Indonesia in a concert titled ‘The Corrs Live in Jakarta 2023.’

The Corrs is a family of musicians hailing from Ireland who have become one of the world’s music icons due to their unique musical style and captivating vocal harmonies. The band consists of four main members: Andrea Corr, Sharon Corr, Caroline Corr, and Jim Corr. They are known for their graceful voices, skilled instrument playing, and deep lyrics. Below, we will delve into the profile of The Corrs, who have influenced the music world for several decades.

  1. Andrea Corr (Lead Vocals and Tin Whistle):
    Andrea Corr is the lead vocalist of the band. Born on May 17, 1974, she possesses not only a beautiful voice but also a proficient ability to play the tin whistle. Andrea is the iconic face of the band and often takes the spotlight in music videos and live performances. In addition to her role as the lead vocalist, Andrea also contributes to writing lyrics and songs for the band.
  2. Sharon Corr (Violin, Keyboard, and Vocals):
    Sharon Corr is a band member skilled in playing various musical instruments. She is a masterful violinist, bringing a unique flavor to The Corrs’ music. Sharon also plays the keyboard and provides supporting vocals that strengthen the Corr family’s harmonies. She was born on March 24, 1970.
  3. Caroline Corr (Drums and Bodhrán):
    Caroline Corr is the drummer who infuses The Corrs’ music with a strong and dynamic rhythm. She also plays the bodhrán, a traditional Irish percussion instrument that adds a distinctive touch to the band’s music. Born on March 17, 1973, Caroline is the heartbeat of The Corrs’ rhythm.
  4. Jim Corr (Guitar and Keyboard):
    Jim Corr plays the roles of guitarist and keyboardist in the band. He also contributes to composing the music and lyrics of The Corrs’ songs. Born on July 31, 1964, as the eldest member, Jim brings valuable musical experience to the band’s journey.

Brief History of The Corrs:

The Corrs embarked on their music journey in the 1990s and quickly caught the attention of the music world. Their debut album, “Forgiven, Not Forgotten,” was released in 1995 and achieved great success, propelling them to international stages. Songs like “Runaway” and “The Right Time” became hits.

The pinnacle of The Corrs’ career arrived with the release of the album “Talk on Corners” in 1997, featuring iconic songs like “What Can I Do” and “Only When I Sleep.” The success of this album established them as one of the world’s most popular bands and introduced a pop influence into their traditional Irish music.

In 2000, they released the album “In Blue,” which was a massive hit with songs like “Breathless” and “Radio.” Their music continued to evolve with increasingly dominant pop elements, but their vocal harmonies remained their unmistakable hallmark.

Their subsequent albums, “Borrowed Heaven” (2004) and “Home” (2005), showcased their love for traditional Irish music. They continued to produce highly successful music and solidified their position as one of the most talented and influential bands in the world.

After taking a temporary break in 2006, The Corrs returned in 2015 with the album “White Light,” which was warmly received by their loyal fans.

The Corrs are a band that blends the beauty of traditional Irish music with modern pop elements. They have made history in the music world with their extraordinary vocal harmonies and brilliant musical talent. Their impressive success and dedication to the art of music have made them one of the most renowned and respected musical families globally. They not only deliver emotionally stirring music but also bring the beautiful essence of Ireland to the world, making them unforgettable global music icons.

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