The Mystical Legend of the Dayak Mandau: A Powerful Secret Weapon that Left the English, Dutch, and Japanese Bewildered


PROGRES.ID– Mandau, the traditional weapon of the Dayak tribe, is no ordinary weapon. It is said to possess magical powers when wielded by a Dayak individual with advanced knowledge. In fact, the Mandau is said to have the ability to fly and sever its enemies.

Every part of the Dayak tribe has individuals who can master the art of wielding the Mandau, and this knowledge is passed down through generations.

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It is not surprising that the Dayak people were once a force that humiliated the Dutch army, and even the colonizers acknowledged that Dayak weapons, both the Mandau and Blowpipe (Sumpit), were extremely deadly. Some even described facing the Dayaks as battling ghosts.

According to Michael Coomans in his book “Manusia Dayak” (1987), the Dayak people live in a belief system steeped in tradition, where mystical events are considered objects of their faith. Things of a mystical nature become real and tangible to them.

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