8 Unique Traditions of Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Celebration in Indonesia: Celebrating Diversity in Honoring the Birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW

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PROGRES.ID– Every year, Muslims in Indonesia celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW, which falls on the 12th of Rabiul Awal in the Hijri calendar. This year, the celebration of Maulid Nabi is celebrated with joy on Thursday (28/9/2023).

Indonesia, as a country with a majority Muslim population, has various unique traditions in celebrating Maulid Nabi. Each region in Indonesia has its uniqueness and its own way of respecting and celebrating this historic moment. Let’s explore 8 unique traditions of Maulid Nabi from various regions in the archipelago:

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Walima, Gorontalo: In Gorontalo, the celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW is marked by a traditional ceremony known as “walima.” Each household prepares “tolangga,” a container for various types of cakes and abundant food, which is then taken to the mosque. Tolangga containers come in various unique shapes, such as replica boats, mosques, or cones. The food inside tolangga is diverse, ranging from various types of cakes to yellow rice.

Endog-endogan, Banyuwangi: In Banyuwangi, there is a unique tradition called “endog-endogan” during the Maulid Nabi celebration. Endog-endogan involves boiled eggs placed on small bamboo sticks adorned with paper flowers known as “kembang endog.” These kembang endog are then placed on banana trees decorated with colorful paper. This tradition is paraded around the village using open trucks or becak (pedicabs) while accompanied by traditional kuntulan music.

Molodhen, Madura: In Madura, there is a tradition called “molodhen” or “maulidan” to celebrate the Maulid Nabi. This tradition can be observed individually or collectively. During this celebration, children are often referred to as the “Eid children,” and they are given food, which they eagerly share and enjoy after the prayers.

Jambar Uang, Bengkulu: In Bengkulu, the “Jambar Uang” tradition is part of the Maulid Nabi celebration. Cash money is decorated and hung on plants or stems, which are then paraded from house to mosque. The money collected during this procession is later donated to the mosque as a charitable act.

Bungo Lado, Padang Pariaman: Padang Pariaman Regency in West Sumatra has a unique tradition known as “Bungo Lado” during the Maulid Nabi celebration. This tradition symbolizes the joy of the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW and serves as a platform for competing in acts of kindness, including collecting funds for mosque construction.

Grebeg Maulud, D.I. Yogyakarta: In the Yogyakarta and Surakarta Palaces, the “Grebeg Maulud” ceremony is held three times a year, including during Maulid Nabi to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW. The ceremony involves the distribution of “gunungan” as alms from the palace to the community. These gunungan are later eagerly contested by the people as a symbol of shared prosperity.

Kirab Ampyang, Kudus:

n Kudus, the celebration of Maulid Nabi in Loram Kulon, Jati, Kudus, Central Java, is marked by the “kirab ampyang” tradition. Food adorned with ampyang or rice and crackers is paraded around the village before heading to the Wali At Taqwa Mosque in the local village.

Muludan, Banten: The “Muludan” tradition in Banten is one of the most eagerly awaited cultural events for the local community. In 2023, they presented the “Panjang Muludan” or “Ngeropok” tradition, which involves parading unique-shaped food gunungans, such as animals, ships, mosques, and more.

Each of these traditions holds its own meaning and symbolism, offering a unique way to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW in different regions of Indonesia. These traditions also showcase the rich cultural diversity in Indonesia when it comes to celebrating religious and social values.

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