The Greatest Pirate Ship Secret: Thousand Sunny in the One Piece Movie


PROGRES.IDOne Piece films always bring thrilling adventures of the Straw Hat Crew filled with mysteries and surprises. One element that consistently grabs attention is their pirate ship, Thousand Sunny.

In this article, we will explore interesting facts behind this cool pirate ship.

Thousand Sunny is the Successor to Going Merry:
Thousand Sunny is the second ship of the Straw Hat Crew. Their first ship, Going Merry, was highly revered and played a central role in the early One Piece story. Thousand Sunny took over after Going Merry was destroyed in a battle against Aokiji.

An Intelligent Ship:
Thousand Sunny has a personality and can interact with humans. This is thanks to Klabautermann, a mythical creature that resides in old ships. In the world of One Piece, Klabautermann is often considered a sign that the ship is about to experience an accident or mishap.

Advanced Technology:
The ship boasts highly advanced technology, such as the Coup de Burst propulsion system that allows them to leap into the sky and enter the Blue Sky. They also have a Combination Flying Ship that enables them to fly during their travels.

Unique Design:
Thousand Sunny was designed by Franky, a crew member who is also a skilled shipwright. The ship has a unique and creative design with many intriguing features. For instance, it has a head resembling a submarine’s, and a detachable tail that can become a mini-ship.

Meaningful Name:
The name Thousand Sunny comes from a ship previously owned by Franky’s family. This name also symbolizes the optimism and spirit of the Straw Hat Crew, who always seek the rising sun (sunny) in their adventures.

Weapons and Defense:
Thousand Sunny is equipped with various weapons and defense systems, including the Cannon Coup de Burst and the Mini-Merry II, which can be used as a land or sea vehicle.

Evolving Ship:
Throughout the One Piece story, the ship has undergone several changes and upgrades. Each crew member contributes to changes that make the ship stronger.

Giant Ocean Expedition:
Thousand Sunny once sailed into the giant ocean, a highly dangerous and mysterious place. This experience became one of the epic moments in the One Piece story.

A Key Player in Adventures:
Thousand Sunny is not just an ordinary ship but an integral part of the Straw Hat Crew’s adventures. It serves not only as transportation but also as a gathering place for planning and celebrating their victories.

The Thousand Sunny pirate ship is more than just a vessel; it’s the home of the Straw Hat Crew and one of the most iconic characters in One Piece. With advanced technology and a unique personality, the ship remains one of the most intriguing elements in the adventures of these brave pirates. Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about the fascinating facts behind Thousand Sunny in the One Piece movie.

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