India Successfully Lands Chandrayaan-3 Spacecraft on the Moon

PROGRES.ID – India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft has successfully landed on the Moon on Wednesday night at 7:34 PM local time. This marks a historic milestone for India. The Chandrayaan-3 mission achieved a smooth landing without significant issues.

In an official announcement by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Wednesday (23/8/2023), it was stated, “Chandrayaan-3 has successfully achieved a landing on the lunar surface.” This event was witnessed directly by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

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Previously, on Tuesday (22/8/2023), ISRO confirmed that the Chandrayaan-3 mission was progressing as planned and making “smooth progress.”

Launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, South India on July 14, Chandrayaan-3 is India’s second attempt to land on the Moon. The previous attempt, Chandrayaan-2 in 2019, faced software issues and obstacles during landing, resulting in a crash on the lunar surface.

The success of Chandrayaan-3 is not only an achievement for ISRO but also solidifies India’s position in space exploration. India becomes the fourth country to successfully land a spacecraft on the Moon, joining the United States, China, and Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) who have done so previously.

Images captured by Chandrayaan-3 from a height of 70 kilometers above the lunar surface reveal intriguing details. The images include Mare Marginis, a large dark spot formed by an ancient asteroid impact on the Moon’s extreme edge. Furthermore, other images taken on August 20 provide a close-up view of the dusty terrain on the lunar surface.

The space agency reported that the spacecraft was able to determine its own position by comparing the images captured by its cameras with the lunar map stored in the onboard computer system.

With this achievement, Chandrayaan-3 surpasses the accomplishments of Russia’s Luna-25 mission, which reached the Moon earlier but with an uncontrolled landing outcome.

This success is not only a triumph for ISRO but also for global space exploration, opening doors for further research and understanding of the Moon and outer space as a whole.

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