Berlin Police Still Haven’t Found Stray Lion


PROGRES.ID– Officers have been combing the streets of a southwestern suburb of Berlin, Germany, for 24 hours since the last sighting of a lion that was reportedly loose from its enclosure.

German police have extended the search for the wild animal, believed to be a female lion, which is roaming the outskirts of Berlin. The report of the loose lion came from two people who saw a lion on Thursday (July 20, 2023) early in the morning, chasing a wild boar on a road outside the capital.

As reported by The Guardian, they filmed the lion and the video has become the only evidence so far for police officers to conduct a search around Berlin.

A spokesperson said that police are still combing the streets of the southwestern suburban community in Berlin after midnight using night-vision goggles and drones, but are stopping the search in the woods until dawn.

The mayor of the town of Kleinmachnow, Michael Grubert, told RBB that professional animal trackers who are looking for feces or remains of prey have joined police, veterinarians, and hunters in search of the lion.

However, he acknowledged that the large operation involving more than 100 police officers as well as helicopters and thermal imaging cameras has exhausted the resources of his community. “This cannot go on for days,” Grubert explained.

“If the animal is found, it is likely to be sedated with a tranquilizer and taken to an animal shelter,” Grubert continued.

An RBB reporter said that there are 32 lions registered in the state of Brandenburg around Berlin and all are not loose. This has led police to wonder if the loose lion was being kept illegally.

In addition, no owner has appeared since the search for the lion began on Thursday morning. Some residents have claimed to have heard loud roars, but there is no information leading to the whereabouts of the animal.

People in the area have been advised to be careful and avoid the forests that are adjacent to settlements to protect the safety of pets and livestock.

Despite the reported sightings, wildlife expert Derk Ehlert has expressed doubts that it is actually a female lion roaming around, as there have been no traces of the animal since Thursday morning.

“A female lion does not just disappear,” he told public radio.(kk)

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